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Are you getting the most bang for your buck? Whether we are buying diapers, airline tickets or home services we can’t help but wonder, are we getting the best deal. These days the secret to getting the most out of your wallet is to get the most out of the resources online. There are so many websites devoted to helping you save time and money. You just have to know where to find them.

This week, I am sharing my favorite websites for saving money. These are my go-to sites for getting the best deal. I actually have so many to share that I will start a series of posts. So let’s get started.

Everyday Savings

DealSeekingMom.com – This blog is updated frequently with free to nearly free grocery and drugstore items. The site walks you through which coupons to use at which stores to get the best savings. It takes a while to get the hang of all the acronyms and lingo, but once you get it, it can become quite addictive.

BabyCheapskate.com – Babies and kids may be small in size, but their costs are pretty big. Diapers, formula, clothes and baby gear can easily eat up a household budget. BabyCheapskate.com offers a weekly roundup of the best deals for diapers and formula. In addition the site features discounts on everything else you could need for your kids.

CitiesOnTheCheap.com – Finding entertainment or having fun on a budget seems tough, but CitiesOnTheCheap.com makes it easy for you. The site features all kinds of discounts on attractions and events around your city. It is updated regularly. Just click on the icon on the right to find your city. For example, recent events featured in Atlanta were Kids Night at Mary Poppins at the Fox with free kids activities and Buy One Get One Free tickets.

Facebook.com – Yes, the same facebook.com that helps you waste time looking at your great aunt’s vacation pictures can help you save money. More and more companies and stores are offering exclusive facebook discounts and offers. If there are certain brands, stores or shopping centers that you regularly visit or purchase from consider “Liking” their facebook page. Some offer more promotions than others, so you can “Unlike” any that don’t seem to offer much.


Kayak.com – There are so many travel booking websites ranging from Delta.com to orbitz.com to hotwire.com. Instead of taking the time to visit all these different sites to find the best deal, you can visit Kayak.com and it will search all airline, hotel and travel booking sites for you. Then you can quickly see where to book.

Airfarewatchdog.com – If you are just looking for airline tickets to a specific destination, airfarewatchdog.com helps hound the best deals for you. What is great about airfarewatchdog.com is that they go the extra step. They don’t just list teaser airfares that have little seat availability. They actually try to book seats with the special rates to make sure there is enough availability. They also list fares for all airlines including discount airlines like Southwest which most other sites ignore.

Seatguru.com – Not all airplane seats are created equal. Before you choose your seat on a flight, check out Seatguru.com for a diagram of the best and worst seats on the plane. The diagram shows which seats have better legroom or which ones suffer from loud engine noise. This is especially helpful on long flights. In addition to just seat information, the site also features other kinds of useful information such as baggage fees and limits.

TripAdvisor.com – Once you have booked the best seat on the flight, you want to book the best hotel room. Tripadvisor.com has the most extensive hotel reviews online, including destinations around the world. You can read how other travelers have liked the hotel and find insider info on where the best rooms may be.

Make sure to come back to learn the rest of her go-to websites for saving time and money.

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