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About The Shopping Queen

Welcome to the realm of The Shopping Queen, where Bargains Rule!

In 1995, a young Shopping Princess took a job in a retail store. As the Shopping Princess learned more and more about retail sales and clearances from working on the inside, her friends and family sought her advice and information about sales and deals. These loyal subjects quickly came to regard her as a trusted source of creative bargain hunting and sale shopping.

As time passed, her subjects anointed her The Shopping Queen, with her formal coronation ceremony on the day after Thanksgiving in 1999. After her flurry of consultations that day, her husband, The Shopping Jester, suggested a website. For years The Shopping Jester had always greeted his wife's return from shopping expeditions cheerfully, fearing not that she had spent the castle's riches, but eager to hear how much money she had 'saved' them that day. "Why," he asked, "should you not share your bargain wizardry with others in the Queendom?"

Finally, after several years of thought and eventually some actual work, The Shopping Queen site launched in 2005.

Now, count on The Shopping Queen for:

  • Bargains, Sales & Coupons
  • Coupons & Specials
  • Cosmetic Bonuses & Promotions

  • The Shopping Queen saves you time and money. As importantly, The Shopping Queen shares your belief in bargains, your desire for discounts, your craving for coupons and your passion for purchasing wisely. Smart shopping is a way of life, a commitment to fun and fiscal sensibility. So spend some time with the Shopping Queen, smile, have a laugh and keep the change.

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